Welfare Award

Japura Members’ Welfare concept was introduced to Japura Alumni Australia in 2016 by the management committee as there hasn’t been a formal structure within the committee, to deal with welfare needs of Japura members.

Our main priority was given to our members’ wellbeing, safety and helping them to excel their professional careers.
We decided to include a link with Japura sponsors and with the collaboration of Japura Business entrepreneurs in Australia.
To facilitate this project, we have designed a special Page for Japura Business community in our website.

Please follow the links below:
The link to register their interest in internships
The link showing available employment opportunities for exiting & newly arrived Japura migrant families with necessary and helpful information to start their new life in Australia.
Under the new welfare scheme Japura is going to Launch special
Help link in Alumni Website for current members and Japura newly migrants’ families to settle their lives during their transition period.
We always understand your necessities to live in life. More information will be provided in our website for your benefit.

  • List of rental agents to find the house /rental properties.
  • Details of support institutions for English language improvements.
  • Help desk to finding employment opportunities & Career guidance.
  • Links for contacts of Sri Lankan shops / other community links.
  • Links for schools, shops, banks and social welfare Agencies.
  • Special program to be launched specially for senior Japura community to cater their needs.
  • Help collectively to members at their hardships and unexpected events.